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Tee O’Neill’s writing has been awarded the RE Ross Trust Playwright’s Award, the Siena College International Play Award and an International Residency at the Royal Court Theatre in London. She has been the recipient of a 2006 commendation for the Louis Esson Prize, a 2007 AWGIE award and the ANPC/New Dramatists Award in NYC. She won a Churchill Fellowship for Europe, US and Madagascar, and writing grants from the Australia Council and Arts Victoria.

Her stage plays include The Dogs Play (Playbox Theatre), Stalking Matilda (NYU; nominated for 2006 NSW Premier’s Award), Best Possible WorldMadagascar (Allaydyce Theatre UK; shortlisted for Patrick White Award), Requiem for the 20th Century (Nominated for an AWGIE Award 2007), Our Man Jaman (Hard Lines; MTC; nominated for Wal Cherry), A Few Roos Loose in the Top Paddock (Playbox; nominated for Wal Cherry), Scum (Royal Court International Residency), Homage to Rembrandt (MTC) and The Queen of Ringwood (White Whale Theatre).

She has two plays written for young people. The Last Antigone (Trinity College Dublin and VCA) and Second City (Geelong Courthouse Youth theatre).

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  • Cast: 6 male, 2 female
  • A bio drama on the incredible career of iconic sportsman Ron Barassi covers decades of family, football and Melbourne history in succinct scenes, which are knitted together by diehard Collingwood fan Melba. Joined at times by a Greek chorus of football fans lead by Melba who laments the misfortunes of her beloved team at the hands of Barassi. The play takes us on a journey from WWII’s interruption of swingtime 1940s Melbourne, through Ron Barassi Jr’s incredible playing and coaching career to the success and excess of the 1980s and beyond.
  • Nominated for WA Premier’s Literature Award; Selected for the Victorian Curriculum Drama Playlist
  • Published by Currency Press.
  • Cast: 5 (1 female; others of mixed genders)
  • Jenna is a streetwalker. Her clients, housemates, colleagues, etc seem to be a voracious, comic chorus of dogs. This evocative and extraordinary text explores the poetic realm of sex, friendship and connection for money. Searing, dark, occasionally funny and utterly visceral.
  • Cast: 2 female, 2 male
  • Penniless old refugee Mia breaks into a luxury mansion believing it to be unoccupied. The young and beautiful owner invites her to stay. Mia wakes the next morning in opulent surroundings to find that the owner has died and left Mia everything. The house, the car, her online bank accounts and five hundred tiny pots of wrinkle cream labelled GR8Skin. Not only does this skin cream eliminate wrinkles but with three dabs it makes Mia feel young and look more beautiful than she ever was. Suddenly rich, young and devastatingly attractive she acts upon destroying all the regrets of her former dour disciplined life.
  • Winner of the Edward Albee Script Award
  • Please contact RGM for a copy of the play
  • Cast: 3 female, 3 male (can accommodate a larger cast)
  • Dr Jaman Innocence is a junior professor with a promising future who specializes in dream interpretations. He finds it increasingly difficult to grasp onto reality as his own life goes spinning out of control when his foster sister betrays him. Our Man Jaman pays homage to Voltaire’s Voltaire’s outrage on the horrors of eighteenth-century life is not based on social criticism but on his ironic view of human nature Our Man Jaman updates the ironic view on 21st human nature and our dreams, failings, triumphs and excesses.
  • Originally commissioned by the Melbourne Theatre Company; Nominated for the Wal Cherry Play of the Year Award
  • Please contact RGM for a copy of the play
  • Cast: Minimum 10 (5 male, 5 female), maximum 20. All cast except the actors playing Cassandra and Red take up extra roles.
  • At the turn of the century, Cassandra is bestowed an unusual gift from the Russian mystic and prophet Rasputin. Granted eternal youth, Cassandra falls passionately in love with an Australian light horseman she meets in Egypt, but is nevertheless unable to alter the terrible events that unfold before her eyes, events that will change the course of history forever. She travels through time and geography from Gallipoli to Geurnica and from Berlin to Britain. She works with theatrical tyrants Meyerhold and Lorca, interviews Picasso and Dali, sings with Marlene in the Tingle Tangle Club and meets Madame Curie as her doomed devotion to the handsome Australian soldier shapes her life. Requiem for the Twentieth Century is a love story, embracing all the passion, ideas and fashion of these turbulent and inspiring times.
  • Nominated for an Australian Writers Guild Award
  • Published by the Australian Script Centre
  • Cast: 3 female, 3 male (negotiable for a larger cast)
  • A death, a mystery, an investigation and a degree of subterfuge. STALKING MATILDA is a murder mystery of the ‘film noir’ variety. True to the genre, the action centres on a woman of intrigue, Matilda, who is closely allied with marginalised members of the community. But replacing the selfless, determined detective is a Greek chorus, who collectively work to uncover the mystery surrounding Matilda and the death of her husband, Suleyman, an illegal ‘alien’.
  • Winner of the R.E. Ross Playwrights Award; Nominated for a NSW Premier’s Award

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