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Rosie Waterland is a Sydney-based author, podcaster, screenwriter and comedian. Her first book, The Anti-Cool Girl, published through HarperCollins in 2015, is a critically-acclaimed national bestseller. The full-frontal no-holds-barred memoir is about surviving the very worst that life can throw at you. The book won the Australian Book Industry Award People’s Choice Matt Richell Award for New Writer of the Year, and was shortlisted for the Russell Prize for Humour Writing.

Last year, Rosie expanded into podcasting and launched Mum Says My Memoir is a Lie, in which Rosie and her mother discuss their differing perspectives on the events of her book in a frank, emotional, and often hilarious way. The podcast has been downloaded more than 5 million times and won the Australian Commercial Radio Award for Best Original Podcast. Her latest podcast, Just The Gist, rose to number one on the charts before it was released.

In 2017, Rosie’s second book, Every Lie I’ve Ever Told, was published. It details the aftermath of Rosie’s attempted suicide and delves deep into the lies we tell others and the lies we tell ourselves.

She co-created and co-starred in the ABC satirical political documentary series What’s Going On with Jamila Rizvi. Rosie is about to embark on her third national comedy tour Kid Chameleon following the sold-out success of her earlier one-woman shows My Life on the Couch (with Vodka) and Crazy Lady.

Rosie rose to popularity in 2013 with her satirical recaps of The Bachelor which, at the end of the second season, had received more than 6.5 million unique clicks and over 500,000 shares on Facebook.

She is making use of her formal qualifications by developing several film and television projects as well as her first novel.

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  • Brutal, brave, hilarious – a full-frontal memoir about surviving the very worst that life can throw at you.
  • Rosie Waterland has never been cool. Growing up in housing commission, Rosie was cursed with a near perfect, beautiful older sister who dressed like Mariah Carey on a Best & Less budget while Rosie was still struggling with various toilet mishaps. She soon realised that she was the Doug Pitt to her sister’s Brad, and that cool was not going to be her currency in this life.
  • But that was only one of the problems Rosie faced. With two addicts for parents, she grew up amidst rehab stays, AA meetings, overdoses, narrow escapes from drug dealers and a merry-go-round of dodgy boyfriends in her mother’s life. Rosie watched as her dad passed out/was arrested/vomited, and had to talk her mum out of killing herself.
  • As an adult, trying to come to grips with her less than conventional childhood, Rosie navigated her way through eating disorders, nude acting roles, mental health issues and awkward Tinder dates. Then she had an epiphany: to stop pretending to be who she wasn’t and embrace her true self – a girl who loved drinking wine in her underpants on Sunday nights – and become an Anti-Cool Girl.
  • An irrepressible, blackly comic memoir, Rosie Waterland’s story is a clarion call for Anti-Cool Girls everywhere.
  • ‘Individual, wounded, brilliant and hilarious’ Sydney Morning Herald
  • ‘If Augusten Burroughs and Lena Dunham abandoned their child in an Australian housing estate, she’d write this heartbreaking, hilarious book. It made me laugh uproariously, then feel terrible for her, then laugh all over again. Sorry, Rosie.’ Dominic Knight, The Chaser
  • ‘Hilarious, wise, gutsy, clear-eyed, devastating and uplifting. It’s a marvel.’ Richard Glover
  • The Anti Cool Girlwas shortlisted for the 2016 Indie Book Awards and for the 2016 ABIA Awards for Biography of the Year, and also shortlisted for the 2017 Russell Prize for Humour Writing. She was also the Winner of the 2016 ABIA Awards People’s Choice for the Matt Richell Award for New Writer of the Year
  • Published by Harper Collins [To purchase, go to Publisher]

  • I’m okay!’ 
  • The bestselling author of The Anti-Cool Girl returns with a devastating, heartbreaking, brilliant, brave and laugh-out-loud funny memoir of telling lies and being on the brink…
  • ‘I had made it! All my dreams had come true. I had an operating fridge, I was doing brilliantly, and I had written the memoir to prove it. I even had online haters. I had conquered life at 30 and nothing was ever going to go wrong again!’
  • It was all going so well for Rosie Waterland. Until it wasn’t.
  • Until, shockingly, something awful happened and Rosie went into agonising free fall.
  • Until late one evening she found herself in a hospital emergency bed, trembling and hooked to a drip. Over the course of that long, painful night, she kept thinking about how ironic it was, that right in the middle of writing a book about lies, she’d ended up telling the most significant lie of all.
  • A raw, beautiful, sad, shocking – and very, very funny – memoir of all the lies we tell others and the lies we tell ourselves.
  • Published by Harper Collins [To purchase, go to Publisher]

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