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Louise Fox’s career has traversed television, film, theatre and radio. She is the co-creator and showrunner of the 2015 drama series Glitch, which was awarded Best Drama at the 2015 AACTA Awards and Most Outstanding Drama Series at the 2016 Logies. The series enjoyed three seasons. Louise wrote on the upcoming series Significant Others for ABC and Fremantle, slated for release in 2022.

Louise was a core member of the writing team for Love My Way. In 2004, she won the AWGIE Award for Best Screenplay in a Television Drama for episode 8 in the first series. Louise spent two years working with Lucas Film on the Star Wars live action television series and wrote several episodes of Camelot (Starz). Louise wrote an episode for the hit drama Broadchurch, and also wrote on The Kettering Incident for Porchlight Films, which aired in 2016 and won the AACTA for Best Television Drama Series and SPA Award for Best Miniseries.

Louise wrote the feature screenplay Dead Europe, adapted from the novel by Christos Tsiolkas. The film premiered in competition at the 2012 Sydney Film Festival, and the screenplay won both the NSW Premier’s Award and the Queensland Literary Award in 2013.

Louise’s theatre roles include dramaturg at STC, co-devisor of Excavation, and writer of additional material for Paul Capsis’ show at the Sydney Opera House. Her play This Little Piggy was commissioned and produced by The STC Blueprints season in 2005. Her adaptation of Tartuffe was performed at Malthouse Theatre in 2008. With Luke Devenish she adapted Elizabeth – Almost by Chance a Woman for Malthouse in 2010 and the Queensland Theatre Company in 2012. Her adaptation of Kafka’s The Trial was staged by the STC in Sydney, the Malthouse in Melbourne and Thin Ice in Perth.

Louise is currently developing several drama series. For a full CV please contact

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  • Cast: 2 female
  • In the final day of her life, an ailing Elizabeth I clings desperately to her throne and her sanity. Lascivious, neurotic and narcissistic, the once stoic ruler is now stark raving mad. Her mind conjures up vivid memories and grandly paranoid delusions, first and foremost that William Shakespeare has plagiarised the events of her life in each of his famous plays. Drawing on all the energy, spirit and spontaneity of original 16th century commedia dell’arte, Nobel Prize winner Dario Fo (Accidental Death of an Anarchist) offers up a modern stage masterpiece which transcends language and culture. Elizabeth, Almost by Chance a Woman is in equal parts a bawdy burlesque, a riotous nose-thumbing of authority, and a surprisingly touching insight into the challenges of womanhood. Monarch. Maiden. Superfreak. It’s not easy being Queen.
  • Cast: 13
  • This is Molière’s dream of Melbourne in the 21st century, where a moneyed family is torn asunder by the arrival of Tartuffe, a charismatic and diabolically witted Rasputin, a holy con-man whose handle for seduction is as firm as his grasp on religious hypocrisy. During Tartuffe’s 1664 premiere, Molière’s hilarious and savage satire against power and piety enraged the religious censors, relying on the intervention of King Louis himself to stay playing on the stage. In this outrageously sharp adaptation by Louise Fox, the salons of Enlightenment Paris become the cabana lounges of the new Toorak gentry.
  • Cast: 2 men, 2 women
  • Seven animal generations after George Orwell¹s pigs shook hands with their former masters, Animal Farm has become Animal Pharmaceuticals – a giant, multi-national conglomerate of farms, firms and factories. At the edge of the known world is its forgotten outpost – a small laboratory. In it, the occupant’s – a pig, a sheep and horse – work tirelessly, testing products and doing to themselves what was done to them. Their life of experimentation is interrupted by notice of an impending visit from HQ and the animals ready themselves for just reward. But the detail is always in the fine print.
  • Published through Australian Script Centre
  • Main cast of 6 (4 men, 2 women) plus ensemble
  • An adaptation of Kafka’s famous novel (published posthumously in 1925). Josef K is awoken on the morning of his 30th birthday by officers who arrest him for an unspecified crime. His guilt presupposed, the ensuing labyrinthine legal process, vague and never defined, moves forward badly for Josef K. His friends and work colleagues distance themselves. He is forced to consider making a confession of the unspecified offence to secure the court sympathy, to find interlocutors to bring his case to the unseen judges and to engage a circuitously ineffective lawyer. Everything grinds forward with the cruel force of an inexorable but inexplicable logic. Josef’s hope evaporates when he learns his case is going so badly. A year to the day, two officers are sent to execute him and he is dead. With its almost surreal plot and dark humour Kafka’s novel has been the subject of continual interpretation and has frequently been seen as an existential parable of the human condition.

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