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Glace Chase is a multiple award winning multi-disciplinary “trans-queen” / performer / playwright / comedienne / screenwriter / tour guide / bon vivant. Described as “delightfully satanic” by Time Out NY, Glace’s work defies easy categorisation. Glace created the world’s first Drag Queen Tour Guide business – Dream Queen Tours – named “Best Alternative Tour” by the International Travel & Hospitality Awards.

As a playwright Glace has won two Griffin Awards and the Queensland Premier’s Literary Award, and has been shortlisted for almost every playwriting award in Australia. Glace’s play Triple X, which she created, wrote and stars in, ran at the Queensland Theatre and was performed at the Sydney Theatre Company in early 2022. Glace was a finalist for the 2021 Susan Smith Blackburn Award for Triple X, which was additionally shortlisted for the Nick Enright Prize for playwriting.

She also has a limited television series in development entitled Falleni. Other plays include WhoreA Hoax, Oranges & Lemons, GULL or the lamentable comedy called love (hereto known as the Trannies’ Revenge) and Nobody’s Girl. Her plays have appeared at Griffin Theatre, Belvoir St Theatre, La Boite, The Public Theatre NYC and NJ Rep. Glace is currently under commission by Sydney Theatre Company.

Other career highlights include: signing NDAs for corporate cruises in the Caribbean & Italy; making an audience member cry at her weekly improv comedy night Disgustation; one hundred 5 star reviews on Trip Advisor; and headlining the Risk! Storytelling podcast & live show.

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Plays & Short Plays/Monologues

  • Cast: 2 men, 1 woman, 3 trans/gender variant
  • A tongue in cheek Restoration Romp of bastardized history, updating Shakespeare’s “cross gendered comedies” with a uniquely modern feminist and queer sensibility.  At the outbreak of the plague in 1665, breeches girl and boy-player gate crash the mansion of leading conservative and his vapid wife in a desperate bid to escape the city. But a libertine and pantomime dame have the same idea and they’ll all have to battle it out in this epic night from hell… A vicious sex farce of love, sex and gender. And maybe our heroine can even keep her pants at play’s end…
  • Commissioned by Bell Shakespeare
  • Cast: 2 men (1 being gender non-conforming), 2 women
  • When social worker Ant discovers Currah, a young Indigenous girl with a horrific past, he’s certain he’s found the way to make a difference. When literary agent extraordinaire Ronnie Lowe discovers Currah, she’s certain she’s found marketing gold. Now Currah’s got the world at her feet and an army of fans, and she isn’t returning any of Ant’s calls. Finding himself flung aside, Ant will do anything to be part of the spotlight. Inspired by the recent spate of fabricated ‘misery memoirs’, A Hoax is a vicious satire on the politics of identity, modern celebrity and the peddling of abuse culture. In the US production, Nita/Currah featured a Muslim-American actress.
  • Winner of the Griffin Award; Shortlisted for NSW Premier’s Literary Award.
  • Published by Currency Press; available for purchase through Booktopia
  • Cast: 2 men, 1 woman
  • Three voices emerge from the dark; overlapping, contradicting and confirming each other, in a delicate tale of an aspiring classical musician and the devastating psychological fallout that follows his career-making deal with the devil. Dissecting class, authority and privilege, Oranges and Lemons ultimately celebrates the power of the human spirit to heal itself in this potent, moving and formally ambitious piece of spoken music.
  • Highly Commended – Max Afford Playwright’s Award
  • Cast: 2 men, 2 women, 1 trans-feminine
  • Scotty is living the dream. A successful Wall Street banker, he has just bought a 3mill Tribeca loft and tomorrow he will marry his super-rich-with-family-money girlfriend Kymberley. But Scotty has a secret that his upwardly mobile mother Deb & lesbian activist sister Claire are about to uncover: his long-term ongoing affair with charismatic trans performer Dexie. The play is a cauterisingly funny and unexpectedly moving deep dive into hypocrisy, privilege and the true nature of love. And it features one of the most eye popping/stomach churning sex scenes in recent theatre history. It’s all a bit Triple X.
  • Commissioned by the Queensland Theatre company
  • Cast: Minimum 4 performers with doubling required. 3 men, 1 women.
  • Young, fearless and full of wanderlust, Sara finds herself in London selling cleaning products in a call centre. Then she meets Tim, and her path takes an unexpected turn. For these two Aussies living it large in London everything is exhilarating, delightfully dangerous and full of possibility. Until a body is discovered int he apartment upstairs and Sara is pushed to the very edges of the person she once was. With originality and poetic wit, Whoreis an unflinching exploration of the price of freedom, ambitious and coming-of-age.
  • Winner of the Griffin Award; Winner of the Queensland Premier’s Literary Award
  • Published through the Australian Script Centre and available for purchase from Australian Plays. US version also available.
  • Cast: 1 female
  • A ghost story. Grieving and lonely, single mother Laura struggles to process the sudden death of her young daughter. A kindly new man offers Laura a second chance at redemption, but their relationship is jeopardised when she becomes convinced her daughter is communicating with her from beyond the grave.
  • Commissioned by Griffin Theatre Company
  • Short Circuit is published through Currency Press
  • Cast: 1 male
  • An institutionalised man creates a fantasy of his old breakfast idol, Matt Lauer
  • Cast: 1 trans woman, 1 male
  • A working-class truck driver hits a young black woman’s car on a highway and offers her a ride. But they both have secrets

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