Madison StewartPresenter | Corporate Speaker

Madison Stewart has been raised in the ocean, starting life on a sailboat on the Great Barrier Reef, and leaving school at 14 to pursue underwater filmmaking.

Immediately finding a strong connection to the oceans most feared predator, the shark, her fascination around this animal grew and became her focus. Staring in her first documentary at 18, Shark girl followed her battle to save sharks from commercial fisheries in Australia. Madison went on to work in feature documentaries and TV productions pertaining to ocean conservation such as BLUE (2017), SHARKWATER EXTINCTION (2018) and ENVOY: SHARK CULL (2021).

Befriending the world’s most infamous shark hunters, infiltrating and documenting the trades threating sharks around the world, Madison’s campaigns have gained international recognition. Most recently founding Project Hiu, an Initiative that offers alternative income to artisanal shark fisherman in the worlds largest shark catching nation, Indonesia.

A technical diver, filmmaker and activist, Madison has created a connection between her content and advocacy to the general public through storytelling and presenting, and has been recognised through awards including the Peter Benchley Youth Conservation Award, as well as Australian Geographic Society Young Conservationist of the Year.

Madison’s unique approach is revolutionising the way we approach a rapidly changing ocean and giving access to some of the world’s most controversial animal trades, while challenging the misconceptions surrounding the men at its heart.

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