Andy Hearnden – AKA ‘Andy Cooks’Presenter | Chefs/Food

Andy Hearnden, better known as Andy Cooks, is a digital chef who creates online cooking videos for his 14 million subscribers across YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook.

Awarded YouTube Australia’s Top Creator in 2023, Andy creates a mix of educational and entertaining food videos to help inspire people to cook better food at home. Known for his signature “Hey Babe” and “Order’s Up” format, his videos are viewed by 140 million people on average each month.

The Kiwi chef produces weekly YouTube videos that provide viewers with a detailed recipe from start to finish and daily 60-second videos for all of his channels right from his home studio on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland. Andy also published his first book Andy Cooks: The Cookbook in 2023 which features his favourite recipes to cook for family and friends.

Andy spent 20+ years cooking in professional kitchens before starting his content journey in November 2021. He now uses his knowledge and skills to teach home cooks and budding chefs to cook better food, and encourage people to enjoy more meals at home with friends and family.

Andy has learnt from some incredible chefs while cooking in restaurants across the world, from Auckland to London, Sydney, and Melbourne. At the age of 24, he landed his first Head Chef role at the Great Eastern Dining Room in Shoreditch, London, and eventually ended up in the business side of hospitality, managing restaurants, cafes, and bars.

Andy Cooks’ videos are all about providing entertaining and educational content that’s easy to recreate at home, showcasing the best dishes from around the world. His videos highlight good produce, good ingredients, good skills, and how to bring it all together into a great meal. For Andy, it’s all about good food, for good people.



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