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Rosalba Clemente is a writer, director and actor. She was the Artistic Director of State Theatre Company of South Australia for five years where she directed The Club, Don’s Party, Unidentified Human Remains and the True Nature of Love, Carrying Light, Blithe Spirit, How I Learned to Drive, House Among the Stars, Holy Day, My Life My Love, The Crucible, Death of a Salesman and Trojan Women. She has also directed productions for Vitalstatistix, Belvoir St Theatre, and Playbox. As a performer, she has appeared with Sydney Theatre Company, Belvoir St Theatre, Playbox, Vitalstatistix, Griffin, Bay St Theatre, Melbourne Comedy Festival, and in various television series and film roles.

Rosalba has been nominated for and received many awards for her acting and directing work. Helly’s Magic Cup, her first play, won the Rodney Seaborn Australian Playwright’s Award for 2008. It was also selected for the New Voices/New Visions workshop at The Kennedy Centre in Washington DC in 2006. Her most recently penned play, Disarming Rosetta: a genuine Italian fiasco, premiered with HotHouse Theatre.

Disarming Rosetta: A Genuine Italian Fiasco

Rosetta Ritorto just knows she’s going to be an actress. She channels Nina from the Seagull, Lady M from Macbeth and even Martha from Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? The problem is, Rosetta’s parents think she’s possessed by the devil and summon the local priest to perform an exorcism.

Join Rosetta’s chaotic journey through acting school, career and life and see 39 characters (and one seagull) brought to life by just four amazing actors. You’ll laugh, shriek, cry and then laugh some more with this genuine Italian fiasco.

Cast of 4 Females

Helly’s Magic Cup

There’s a hundred fire-breathing dragons and a million bees that will sting you to death and a red beast that will squish your dead body in its mouth like strawberries!

Eight-year-old Loo D’Oro is in touch with the grassiest of grass roots - sure, most vegetation is dead out where they live, but he’s got a party line to the insects and they know what’s coming… But his 11-year-old sister Helly might just know more. She dreams poetry. A great knight must return or this world will burn. Can her dreams save their sick dad and dying farm? As dreams and reality begin to collide, trees come to life, dead animals speak and Helly and Loo must face matters of life, death, insect revolutions and the slaying of the red beast!

Hilarious, touching, charming and inventive, this is a play for ages eight to one hundred and eight!

One of eight plays selected for the 2008 Playwriting Australia Festival, and produced by Windmill and Festival Centre in 2008

3 female
3 male

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