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Louise Fox was a core member of the writing team for the multi-award winning series Love My Way. In 2004, she was nominated for a Queensland Premier’s Literary Award and received the Australian Writer’s Guild Award for Best Screenplay in a Television Drama, for Episode 8 in Series 1. Louise spent two years working with Lucas Film on the Star Wars live action television series and wrote several episodes of Camelot produced by TM Productions (The Tudors) which screened on the Starz Network (US). She is currently working on a new ITV drama, Broadchurch, to air in 2013.

Her short films Help Me and A Natural Talent have played at many national and international festivals and we’re nominated for Dendy, AWGIE and AFI Awards. A Natural Talent won the Jameson award for Best Australian Short at Flickerfest in 2006. Her play This Little Piggy was commissioned and produced by The STC Blueprints season in 2005. Her adaptation of Tartuffe was performed at Malthouse Theatre in 2008. With Luke Devenish she adapted Elizabeth – Almost by Chance a Woman for Malthouse in 2010 and the Queensland Theatre Company in 2012. Her adaptation of Kafka’s The Trial was staged by the STC in Sydney, Malthouse in Melbourne and Thin Ice in Perth.

Louise wrote the screenplay Dead Europe, adapted from the novel by Christos Tsiolkas. It was directed by Tony Krawitz and produced by See-Saw films. Dead Europe premiered in competition at the 2012 Sydney Film Festival, and is set to be released later this year.


This Little Piggy

Seven animal generations after George Orwell¹s pigs shook hands with their former masters, Animal Farm has become Animal Pharaceuticals ¬ a giant, multi-national conglomerate of farms, firms and factories.

At the edge of the known world is its forgotten outpost ¬ a small laboratory. In it, the occupant’s ¬ a pig, a sheep and horse ¬work tirelessly, testing products and doing to themselves what was done to them.

Their life of experimentation is interrupted by notice of an impending visit from HQ and the animals ready themselves for just reward.

But the detail is always in the fine print.

This Little Piggy is a visceral, contemporary fable from award-winning writer Louise Fox.

Cast of Four
2 Men, 2 Women
Two Acts.

Elizabeth, Almost By Chance

In the final day of her life, an ailing Elizabeth I clings desperately to her throne and her sanity. It has been eleven days since she last slept, and she rightly fears that if she allows herself to bed she may not rise again.

Lascivious, neurotic and narcissistic, the once stoic ruler is now stark raving mad. Her mind conjures up vivid memories and grandly paranoid delusions, first and foremost that William Shakespeare has plagiarised the events of her life in each of his famous plays. Suddenly, her boudoir transforms into The Globe Theatre, where the last few hours of her reign are played out in stratospherically high drama.

Not only must Her Royal Redness stave off pesky coups and conspiracies, she’s intermittently haunted by the headless ghost of her Scottish rival Mary. To make matters even worse, hunky heartbreaker Robert Essex is due any minute and Her Majesty is in no condition to receive guests. But that’s nothing a bit of leech-o-suction and a bee sting booblift won’t fix…

Drawing on all the energy, spirit and spontaneity of original 16th century commedia dell’arte, Nobel Prize winner Dario Fo (Accidental Death of an Anarchist) offers up a modern stage masterpiece which transcends language and culture. Elizabeth, Almost by Chance a Woman is in equal parts a bawdy burlesque, a riotous nose-thumbing of authority, and a surprisingly touching insight into the challenges of womanhood.

Monarch. Maiden. Superfreak. It’s not easy being Queen.

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