Andrew Denton

From his groundbreaking early work on the ABC TV (Blah Blah Blah, The Money or the Gun, World Series Debating, Live & Sweaty); through to his unforgettable reworking of television’s ‘night of nights’, the Logies; his work hosting and producing the hugely successful Enough Rope; as the man who introduced The Chaser to Australian television (Election Chaser, CNNNN); and later, and as co-creator and Executive Producer of The Gruen Transfer, Gruen Planet, 30 seconds, Elders, Hungry Beast, AFP, Can of Worms, Joy of Sets, Randling and more – all through the production company he created and helmed, Zapruders Other Films - Andrew is widely recognised as one of Australian television’s genuine creative forces.

Andrew has written for newspapers, acted in the theatre, been a top-rating radio host, and collected AFIs, Walkleys, Rawards, ARIAs, one Logie and a UN Peace Prize along the way. He also won the ‘Sale Of The Century — Comedy Series’ quiz, a moment many (himself included) view as his crowning achievement.

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