Renee BuckinghamPresenter | Chefs/Food

Renee Buckingham is an entrepreneur, performer, content creator, radio producer and podcast host. Renee is the founder behind World Vegan Guides and runs a series of social media accounts and blogs online including – @sydneyveganguide @melbveganguide and @renee_buckingham. She is a food blogger, writer and influencer that is known for her hilarious and relatable content and for making veganism more accessible to a wider audience. 

Renee grew up in the musical theater space and was accepted at her performing arts high school for drama. She studied media and journalism at University and 4 years ago moved to Melbourne to pursue her media career.

While running her own brand during the week Renee also works as a producer for the top breakfast radio show Fifi, Fev & Nick in Melbourne on The Fox Fm network. 

Alongside radio producing Renee juggles many creative projects and passions and works closely with her World Vegan Guides team. She currently co-hosts and assistant produces her podcast Do You Even Influence? with brother James Buckingham who is a musician and actor. The show studies the business of content creation and has featured guests such as; sexologist,  Chantelle Otten, Tik Tok star, Alright Hey, Aussie Blogger, Haylsa and the Head of Community from Tik Tok Australia in the first interview that Tik Tok gave in Oz. 

Renee creates content across Youtube, Tik Tok and is very involved in Instagram. She has an eye for content and is working towards a future on air or on screen. She has just written a feature film alongside her mentor and colleague Ed Kavalee and has plans to shoot that later in 2022. 

Renee released her own conversational card game based on her weekly social media segments, encouraging others to start having more insightful and vulnerable conversations. She mainly works with food and lifestyle brands and entertainment and has partnered with brands such as Koala, Mad Mex, Zeus Greek Street, Body Fit, Woolworths and many more. 

Renee aims to create content in a fun and engaging way that is relatable to her audiences.


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