Nadia Fairfax

The term ‘jetsetter’ is often bandied about gratuitously, but in the case of Nadia Fairfax it’s a perfect fit. The editor, content creator, presenter and model spends much of her time travelling—staying in boutique hotels and working from airport lounges—and has become one of Australia’s biggest icons in the realms of fashion, beauty, luxury travel.

Fairfax’s blog—Fairfax Journal —is a sharp, highly curated and occasionally mischievous edit of what to want and wear. It’s also a powerful tool for authentic branded communications, as is her Instagram. With a loyal, focused following who trust her eye for craftsmanship and quality, it’s little wonder Fairfax is so in-demand as an influencer and ambassador. She also starred in the TV series Fashion Bloggers, which screened on E! around the globe: in Australia, South East Asia, Europe, the UK, USA and South Africa.

Think of Fairfax’s stamp of approval as a barometer of sorts—whether it’s which hotel to hang in or which people to be seen with—she knows what’s hot, right now. Fairfax is all of it: elegant, witty and ultra-professional. A connector with a background in public relations. A former elite gymnast who knows how to stay fit. And most importantly, a ‘maker’—that is, a woman who can elevate brands to be chicer, cooler and instantly desirable, with an effortlessness that’s all her own.

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