Arianne WittLola Jagger

Lola Jagger began as an expressive outlet to document the travel adventures, personal style and daily musings of young creative talent, Arianne Witt.

She has penchant for creative directing, styling, writing and content creating – as well as a love for experimenting with photography. Arianne has directed and produced campaign concepts for Levis, Glue Store and Adidas to name a few and has collaborated with numerous Australian and International brands over the years.

Having previously worked back-to-back in Social Media Management and Creative Content roles over the past 4 years for two major Australian companies with audience reaches of over 300k+ for each, Arianne has worked on both sides giving her a deeper understanding of the ins and outs of the Digital and Social Media world as an influencer and a brand.

She is a chameleon when it comes to her style, constantly evolving yet still maintaining her own personal twist to every look she produces. Whether that’s high fashion or streetwear, she has the ability to inject her own interpretation into different trends and create the unique aesthetic she is known for.

In 2017, Arianne relaunched Lola Jagger to be home to her latest editorial work, campaigns, collaborations and moodboards + more!

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