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Tee O’Neill’s writing has been awarded the RE Ross Trust Playwright’s Award, the Siena College International Play Award and an International Residency at the Royal Court Theatre in London. She has been the recipient of a 2006 commendation for the Louis Esson Prize, a 2006 nomination for the NSW Premier’s Award, 2007 AWGIE award and the ANPC/New Dramatists Award in NYC, and nominated twice for the Patrick White Play Award as well as the Wal Cherry Award. She won a Churchill Fellowship for Europe, US and Madagascar, and writing grants from the Australia Council and Arts Victoria.

Her stage plays include The Dogs Play (Playbox Theatre and theatres around the world), Stalking Matilda (NYU and theatre @ Risk, nominated for 2006 NSW Premier’s Award) Best Possible World (ANPC conference and Siena College New York), Madagascar (Allaydyce Theatre UK shortlisted for Patrick White), Requiem for the 20th Century (Nominated for an Awgie Award 2007), Our Man Jaman (Hard Lines MTC nominated for Wal Cherry), A Few Roos Loose in the Top Paddock (Playbox, nominated for Wal Cherry), Scum (Royal Court International Residency), Homage to Rembrandt (Melbourne Theatre Company) and The Queen of Ringwood (White Whale Theatre).

She has two plays written for young people. The Last Antigone (Trinity College Dublin and VCA) and Second City (Geelong Courthouse Youth theatre).


Best Possible World

Winner of the International playwriting Competition at Siena New York and short-listed for the Patrick White play of the year. BPW is a play about friendship, love and citizenship. Peopled with eccentric characters from all over the world and set across two continents this tragic-comedy questions how integrity and survival can live together.

2 acts - approximately 100 minutes long
With doubling:
2 males
3 females
Without doubling:
3 males
4 females


Based on the authors Great Aunt. Madagascar is an intensely physical, surreal and epic tale of an Irishwoman who harboured members of the indigenous resistance movement when the French invaded Madagascar in 1896.

Written as part of a grant from the Churchill Fellowship & Arts Victoria, Madagascar was also short-listed for the Griffin Award, the Patrick White Award (Aus), New York/New Dramatist Award and the Corcadorca Award (Ireland).

2 Acts
Running time approximately 90 minutes
Cast (size of chorus is flexible) Minimum 6 actors

Homage to Rembrandt

Commissioned by Melbourne Theatre Company in 2000

Performed at the Fairfax Studio, Victorian Arts Centre (Aust) Jan 2001

A painter who has sold out to commercialism has to win back the trust of his muses. A lyrical short physical play for three actors.

2 Females
1 Male
Running Time 20 minutes

The Dogs Play

This is the author’s first play and has been produced all around the world. Jenna a young Australian woman works a park in London with her four dogs. An extremely physical scatological play about a sex worker battling the uncontrollable hounds of her subconscious.

First premiered at the Playbox Theatre (Aust) May 1999.

Cast of 5 - 1 female and dogs can be played by either sex
Running time 70 mins
Published by Currency Press

A Few Roos Loose in the Top Paddock

Yuppie couple Pete and Suzy’s emotional and financial future was all rosy and in control until Ruby the roo shooter visits.

Commissioned by Playbox theatre.
Shortlisted for the Wal Cherry Play of the Year Award.
Published by Currency Press.

Cast of Five
2 Female
3 Male
Running time 45 minutes

The Last Antigone

Commissioned by the Victorian College of the Arts for the year 2000 acting students.

Australia’s royal family are in crisis. Socialite recreational drug taking Princess Antigone is forced to beg on the streets with her mad, blind father. She returns back to the palace on news of the deaths of her brothers and tries to inspire her people. A political satire and a contemporary take on Sophocle’s classic.

This play can accommodate a large cast and is particularly ideal for drama schools and young people’s theatre companies.

2 Acts
Running time approx 2 hours
Cast (size of chorus is flexible) has been played by 8
4 Females
4 Males


A wandering international con woman faces her biggest challenge in a Prague Hotel room.

Cast of 2
1 Female
1 Male
Running time 15 minutes

Requiem for the 20th Century

At the turn of the century, Cassandra is bestowed an unusual gift. Granted eternal youth, she is thrown through time and geography from Gallipoli to Guernica, from Berlin to Brunswick, singing with Marlene Dietrich, working with Meyerhold in Russia; while in Spain, she shares a drink with Lorca, Picasso and Dali.

Cassandra falls passionately in love with a digger from down under in Egypt, but is nevertheless unable to alter the terrible events that unfold before her eyes, events that will change the course of history forever.

2 acts - approximately 110 minutes long
Minimum of 6 actors (with a lot of doubling)
Can also suit a larger cast
Minimum 3 males & 3 females

Stalking Matilda

A first world citizen disappears into the ocean. What was her involvement in a murder and arson attack. Was she victim or aggressor? The object of prejudice or its cunning practitioner? A group gathers to re-enact the recent history of the disappeared Matilda Lynch. As they attempt to understand her will they destroy her or could they destroy themselves?

Employing a range of theatrical techniques, including a chorus of narrators, shifts in dramatic style and genre, and movements backwards and forwards in time and space, this award winning play sets up a ‘whodunit’ around the death of an ‘alien’ that rapidly turns into a ‘whydunit’, with the finger of suspicion pointing at the protagonist herself.

Originally commissioned by New York University (TISCH).

Running time 70 minutes without interval
Chorus can be as small as 5 of either sex (Matilda must be female)
Cast: as many as affordable

The Natashas

Performed as part of The Wall Project for Theatre @ Risk

A woman asks another woman for help in a quiet park at twilight. A psychological thriller about sex slavery.

Running time 15 minutes
Cast of 3 females

Second City

Commissioned by the Geelong Courthouse Theatre performed by the company in 2007.

The local gallery is holding a telethon to raise the a half a million for a painting of their city. The money is raised but the painting goes missing and five very different members of the community are thrown together in a quest to get the painting back.

Second City is a crackling comedy about finding a new point of view.

This play can accommodate a large cast and is particularly ideal for drama schools and young people’s theatre companies.

1 Act
5 main characters - 3 female, 2 male
Several good secondary characters
Running time 70 minutes - no interval

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