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After working as a human rights lawyer, Suzie Miller embarked on her career as a playwright. Suzie has worked with or been a writer in residence with Ex Machina Quebec, National Theatre in London Ransom Theatre in Ireland, Sydney’s Griffin Theatre, Black Swan State Theatre Company, ATYP, Legs on the Wall, LIVE theatre in Newcastle UK, Oran M’or and the Perth Theatre in Scotland, The Frantic Assembly, Told By An Idiot in the UK and Theatre Gargantua in Toronto.

Suzie is drawn to complex personal stories often exploring injustice. Her play Transparency about a missing child, deals with the themes of truth and honesty in relationships. Transparency was staged by the Ransom Theatre in Northern Ireland, The Seymour Centre and the Riverside Theatre. Caress/Ache, staged at the Griffin Theatre in 2015 was inspired by the fact that the Singaporean government would not let Van Ngyuen hug prior to his execution. Suzie was awarded the Kit Denton Fellowship for writing with courage and her work is always profoundly moving and an unflinching exploration of humanity or the lack thereof. She was recently awarded the 2018 Griffin Award for her play On The Face Of It.

Her work also includes The Sacrifice Zone, which premiered at theatre Gargantua in Toronto; ZeroOneFiveSeven at the Perth International Arts Festival and Driving Into Walls at the Perth International Arts Festival, followed by the Sydney Opera House in 2013; DUST which premiered at the Heath Ledger Theatre with Black Swan Theatre Company in 2014; Overexposed (dance/theatre piece) Western Australia State Theatre in 2014; and Medea at La Boite Theatre in 2015; Snow White, an opera with the Queensland Opera Company in 2016; Velvet Evening Séance with the National Theatre of Scotland in 2017; and The Mathematics of Longing at La Boite theatre in 2018.

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