Sabour Bradley

Sabour is an award-winning filmmaker who started out as a print journalist but wanted to tell longer form stories so headed back to film school. After writing and script editing for Aussie television (Always Greener, Home & Away, Neighbours), he co-directed the documentary Ice Maidens, created the one woman show Araboriginal and produced the youth drama series The Space Between (SBS) before opportunities overseas took him away from Australia.

Sabour doesn’t care where a project takes him as long as it’s something he’s passionate about. That’s how he ended up directing a documentary in Honduras (Tierra Santa), creating a talk show in Vanuatu (Toktok), and producing and co-writing a 12-part children’s TV series in the Congo (Bobo and Kipi) which was a smash hit and sold across Africa. Sabour then followed his Australian Aid worker girlfriend to Afghanistan and got the chance to move in front of the camera, producing and presenting a 6-part doco series called Extreme Tourist: Afghanistan which was a critical and commercial success, broadcasting in 150 countries around the world on Nat Geo and other networks.

ABC TV Australia liked the Extreme Tourist approach and asked Sabour to create something based on Aussie stories. The result was 5-part doco series called Head First, which premiered on ABC2 in 2013 and became the highest rated ABC2-commissioned show ever! Sabour is now prepping a second series and developing other opportunities.

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