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John Doyle is a highly accomplished writer for stage and screen.

John is probably best known for his work as alter ego ‘Rampaging Roy Slaven’, one half of the dynamic duo Roy and HG. Together, they have won several awards and been nominated no less than five times across their popular topical programs This Voting Life, This Sporting Life, Club Buggery, The Dream, The Monday Dump, The Cream, and The Dream in Athens.

John’s first foray into drama writing for the screen resulted in an AFI Award Nomination (Best Screenplay in a Television Drama) for Changi. This exceptional mini-series for the ABC also received an AWGIE and Logie Award for Most Outstanding Drama. His follow up, Marking Time for producer John Edwards/Southern Star, won John his second AFI and AWGIE Awards as well as the NSW Premier’s Literary Award for Script Writing and a Logie nomination, consolidating his position as an exciting voice in Australian television.

His documentary series, Two Men in a Tinnie co-hosted by Environmentalist and Palaeontologist Professor Tim Flannery, explores one of Australia’s greatest river systems, the Murray and Darling Rivers. The sequel, Two in the Top End, investigates the future of our Far North in the context of global climate change. In 2012, John and Tim explored the Great Dividing Range for their third documentary series, Two on the Great Divide, followed by their fourth series, Two Men in China, in 2014.

John’s first play, The Pig Iron People was commissioned by the Sydney Theatre Company and debuted during the 2008 season. Set on a quiet suburban street with not quite enough parking for the residents, The Pig Iron People examines two generations and the way the politics of their time (and the politics of their car parking) have shaped them. Marked by Doyle’s tangential humour which brilliantly illuminates the hearts of his characters, The Pig Iron People is a timely satire infused with profound tolerance for the foibles of humanity. His second play, Vere (Faith), which follows a highly regarded physicist who is diagnosed with dementia and Parkinson’s disease, was commissioned by the Sydney Theatre Company and the State Theatre Company of South Australia for their 2013/2014 season.


The Pig Iron People

Australia, 1996. The winds of change begin to blow like a gale through the nation as a new government has taken the reins.

‘From now on people will have to make their own way in the world. People will no longer be rewarded for being weak. The madness is over…The people have spoken. This is what they want, this is what we voted for, and if you doesn’t see it like me, then you are out of step. So get used to it.’

Nick’s out of step; he is a writer. No writer has ever lived in Liberal Street before. And the residents are making sure he knows it.

In this timely satire, John Doyle’s infections humour takes an affable, yet sublimely smart tilt at an Australia we all recognise.

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Vere (Faith)

The Big Bang created a future from nothing. For the esteemed Professor of Physics Vere, the future is nothing. One minute he is trading witty anecdotes with his colleagues and students and about to take up a job with the CERN Laboratory in Switzerland. The next, he receives a shattering diagnosis and learns that everything he knows will all too soon slip away. Just what is faith to different people? To some, it’s knowing that there is a God. To others, it’s knowing the architecture of the cosmos. And to Vere, it’s knowing that, at the end of it all, his wife Holly is out there waiting for him. Somewhere.

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