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Meraki Blog is a personal style and travel blog by Adelaide-born, Melbourne-based, Iona Maclean.

The word Meraki is a Greek word entailing ‘to do something with soul, creativity or love; to put a piece of yourself into your work.’ This philosophy resonated with Iona - 26 year old Journalism graduate and freelance fashion writer, who wanted to start her blog as a creative outlet to document her personal style and exercise her creative writing with ‘Meraki’.

She certainly harnesses this philosophy via her Instagram account and online blog, where she shares a piece of herself, her distinctive style and her quirky personality through outfit posts and clever little write ups.

Her signature style really shines through in her blog posts, earning her her namesake and a loyal following. Forever redefining her personal style, Iona is inspired by culture – both traditional and popular, muses, a stranger on the street, travel, and little influential moments in time.

With this being said, we look forward to seeing her personal style evolve and be inspired while we follow her wanderlust diaries online.

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