Amal Awad


Amal Awad is a journalist, screenwriter and author. In 2018, she has been in development on a number of television projects including Sex in the West (eOne), Muhammed Jones and Daughter of Fate (CJZ), Dabke (Whoa Flamingo) and the second season of Romper Stomper for Roadshow Productions. She is also co-writing two features in development, Halal Pie and The Fine Print.

Amal is the author of four books, including two novels – Courting Samira and This is How You Get Better – a book of essays and columns called The Incidental Muslim, and the non-fiction book Beyond Veiled Clichés: The Real Lives of Arab Women, a work that explores the lives of Arab women both in Australia and in the Arab world. Amal is currently working on her next book, Fridays with my Folks, a work of non-fiction that delves into the experiences of ageing and illness to be published in by Penguin Random House in 2019.

Amal has written three short films – My Sister’s Wedding, The Dury’s Out, and The Doorknock Appeal. She is a columnist for SBS Life and The New Arab, and has written for ELLE, Frankie, Daily Life, Sheilas and Junkee. Amal has also produced for ABC Radio National.

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